Public transport absolutely is the way to go - to the Oktoberfest.

There are 58 hotels less than 15 minutes' walk from one of the Oktoberfest entrances. However, if you prefer to stay in the old town, where it is nicer, or a little further away, where it can be much cheaper, it is best to think about the best way to get to the Oktoberfest - and back again - even before booking your hotel.

To get around in Munich comfortably, we absolutely advise using public transportation. In a number of studies, Munich's public transportation was awarded one of the best in the world. We sometimes hear from tourists coming from places where public transport hardly exists, wanting to rent a car for their stay. Don't do that. Getting around by car, in dense traffic, finding parking lots and not being allowed to have beer is an even bigger downside than the unnecessary extra expense.

Munich’s public transportation is organized within the MVV, including buses, tramways, U-Bahnen, S-Bahnen and a few regional train lines. The S-Bahn-Stammstrecke, Munich’s transport aorta, provides fast traversal of the city from east to west. All S-Bahn lines serve the Stammstrecke between Laim and Ostbahnhof (only the S7 leaves the Stammstrecke already at Donnersbergerbrücke). Going by S-Bahn, you can alight at Hauptbahnhof or Hackerbrücke to access Theresienwiese. The most important transport hubs are Hauptbahnhof, Stachus, Odeonsplatz and Sendlinger Tor.

The Oktoberfest is also connected to the U-Bahn network. The stations Theresienswiese and Theresienhöhe are connected to the lines U4 and U5 and Goetheplatz and Poccistraße are connected to the U3 and U6. You can check your connection using the MVV journey planner.

Tickets and fares

The MVV network is divided into six zones since 2020. The city of Munich lies within the M-zone, while the airport is in zone M-5.

If you are only planning to go from your hotel to Oktoberfest and return at night, short trip tickets can be an option. As soon as you plan more than two trips a day or you want to keep things simple, you should prefer day tickets. These are also available as group tickets for groups of up to five or even up to 30 persons.

The MVV network is divided into six zones. The city of Munich is in the M zone.
The MVV network is divided into six zones. The city of Munich is in the M zone.

If you are planning to visit some sights in Munich, the CityTourCard may be a convenient choice for you. It offers a large number of discounts e.g. for the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum and many other cultural, entertainment and culinary establishments.

You can buy tickets beforehand on the MVV's website and print them out or using the MVV app.

For short trips in the city, you could also borrow an MVG bike. Information on this bike rental system is only available in German, though.