As most bags have been banned from Oktoberfest since 2016, keep in mind, you have to leave your baggage outside of the fairgrounds.

The fact that an Oktoberfest visit is less fun with lots of baggage shouldn’t surprise anyone. Unfortunately, since 2016, even purses and bags with a volume of more than three litres have been prohibited on the fairgrounds. Consequently, only with really small bags are you still allowed to enter.

Travelling to Oktoberfest by train, you may already want to leave your baggage in the lockers at the main station. However, its locker capacity is significantly reduced at the moment due to construction work.

Due to the ban on bags from Oktoberfest, you’ll find a number of lockers and left-luggage offices next to the Oktoberfest entrances. Depending on their operator and the size of your luggage, you’ll be charged between 4 and 7 Euros.