A whopping 58 hotels are located less than a 15-minute walk away from one of the Oktoberfest entrances.

Many Oktoberfest goers appreciate the luxury of sleeping within walking distance of one of the seven festival entrances. Even though there's not even a handful of hotels directly at Theresienwiese, a whopping 58 hotels are less than 15 minutes of walking away.

Coincidentally, the festival grounds are close to the main station (Hauptbahnhof), where a significant portion of Munich's hotel capacity is concentrated. That allows you to combine a comfortable arrival by train—also coming from the airport—as well as the opportunity to go to the Oktoberfest without having to rely on public transport.

This can be practical on Friday and Saturday nights, when the metro (U-Bahn) station Theresienwiese as well as the commuter train (S-Bahn) station Donnersbergerbrücke might get closed to prevent overcrowding.

Therefore, we want to help you to identify hotels close to the Oktoberfest. While we're not affiliated with any of the hotels named on this page, we get paid a small commission if you book your journey using our links. Hence, you can support us even without paying for it by yourself.

The 3 Only Hotels Directly at Theresienwiese

There are only three hotels which are located just on the other side of the street of the Oktoberfest: Krone and Seibel, as well as Augustin, which can only be requested via email during the Oktoberfest or booked using a reseller's questionable packages.

Very close are also Hotel Uhland and Bavaria Boutique.

The 3 Most Popular Oktoberfest Hostels

As there are no hostels withing the 15-minute radius, we want to mention three hostels just south of the main station, which miss that restriction by less than a minute. Wombat's, Euro Youth Hotel and Jaeger's are very popular among young international tourists.

You can find all other hotels within the Oktoberfest in the map below. To check rates and availability, first click on the hotel symbol, then on the name. For your orientation, the map also includes all seven Oktoberfest entrances.