The Bremen show woman Trudi Renoldi has been running an Oktoberfest since 2009, which could be quite popular in Bremen.

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say, and the beholder who is responsible for the Wildstuben is from Bremen, the base of the showmen dynasty Renoldi (Höllenblitz). The “tent’s” aesthetic makes it deplorably obvious that Bremen is far, far away from Bavaria.

Assembled using multiple containers, the building shows off a massive, contemporary, and often kitschy impression of an alpine hut and has been offering a home to Oktoberfest party-goers from northern Germany since 2009.

If this doesn’t put you off, you can try to reserve one of four time slots throughout the day, but be aware that your minimum consumption is linked to the reservation and is only valid during your reservation slot.

While Oktoberfest hosts are actually strongly encouraged to engage bands from Munich, Trudi Renoldi mostly uses bands that aren’t even from Upper Bavaria to play in front of the LCD fireplace.

From 2023 on, the tent will serve Spaten instead of Augustiner beer.