Poschner's duck grill is the only tent featuring actual folk music at the Oktoberfest.

2015 was a dark year for Poschner’s chicken and duck grill. Only one year after its 80th anniversary, the city surprisingly didn’t license the tent. With a new building and concept, it was allowed to restart in 2016. The new tent is strangely nontraditional without being contemporary, and is certainly not to everyone’s liking.

For decades, the tent didn’t offer any music at all, as it was supposed to be more of a restaurant than a beer tent. After having offered traditional Bavarian music for some years, the tent is now a conventional party tent.

Apart from the traditional chicken and duck dishes, the menu also offers vegan and vegetarian options. One of the more spectacular options is liquid, though. The tent is the only one to offer the Hacker-Pschorr Wiesnmärzen (from wooden barrels), which is mainly brewed for retail.