The “dumplingery” is mostly known for its innovative dumpling creations. It's not present in years with the agricultural fair taking place.

If you don’t like dumplings, the dumpling manufactory will hardly be the tent of your choice. While it would be a shame not to order some, you’ll even have a hard time not to as almost any dish, no matter if soup, appetizer, entrées, or desserts are in some way at least combined with dumplings.

The introduction of the Knödelei in 2002 was seminal in multiple ways: It was the first small tent outside the Wirtsbudenstraße or its side streets, and its focus on one specific type of food was later copied by most new small tents of the following years.

Its location is, however, the tent's biggest flaw: every four years, when the central agricultural fair (Zentrallandwirtschaftsfest, ZLF) takes place, the tent is replaced with staples and tractors.

In 2014, the Knödelei was significantly extended: it received more space for its kitchen and 99 additional seats. While it was already one of the few small tents with a beer garden, the latter approximately quadrupled its dimensions, getting additional seats and a bar.

Music starts daily at noon with Knödeltrio, followed by Take Five at 7 pm.