Munich's large butchery Vinzenz Murr has a particularly small alpine hut at the Oktoberfest.

Since 2010, Munich’s large butchery Vinzenz Murr has been present at the Oktoberfest with a small alpine hut. Its appealing look on the outside is unfortunately not transferred into the inside, which is ruined by too much light, ceiling height, and classic beer tent tables that you wouldn’t expect in a hut.

Unsurprisingly, the menu has the butchery’s classics on it, which some certainly may like. In the evening, a solo entertainer is playing music.

Actually, Vinzenz Murr has already had an Oktoberfest tent since 1980 but temporarily lost it thanks to a peculiar protest: the butchery rejected its license for the old 200 seat tent to force the city of Munich to license a tent for 550 patrons.

Apparently, the butchery was surprised to learn that the city of Munich doesn’t even that big of a problem to find other capable hosts who would like to acquire a license to print money.

After a two-year hiatus, the Brandl family was allowed to come back to the Oktoberfest – from now on with only 130 seats but a funny backstory.