A quiet tent for champaign tourists with a strange menu and an unfriendly attitude towards walk-ins. Mostly older German tourists in twinkling dresses.

In 2014, the establishment of the Marstall buried the 111-year-old Hippodrom after its host lost his license due to tax evasion. As its name suggests, the Marstall is mostly designed after its predecessor. It even cites the extraordinary art nouveau façade from 1985. However, its colours and heart-shaped windows leave a rather kitschy impression. The inside of the tent resembles a Nordic, clear and plain design featuring fewer decoration elements than the other, more baroque tents. The menu is rather expensive and offers several very unusual dishes like prawns instead of traditional ones.

In search of a new identity for the not-so-busy afternoon, the Marstall again changed the afternoon band in 2019. An even bigger change awaits us in 2022 - at least superficially. The Münchner Zwietracht, who first played in the Hippodrom in 1994 will be replaced by Königlich Bayerisches Vollgasorchester. However, as the new band was founded by three former Zwietracht members, you can expect more of the same. By the way, Zwietracht means discord in German...

Targeting an older, well-situated crowd, the atmosphere is very calm before 9 p.m. when the tent becomes a discotheque. Although rarely overcrowded, the tent is mostly closed during the evenings to enable bouncers to reject undesired guests. If you want to get in there, refrain from wearing costumes or funny hats.

Reservations 2022

The tent started accepting reservation requests on April 13th via its reservation form. Unfortunately, it's known for one of the most costumer-unfriendly reservation conditions. In addition to the minimum consumption that is not issued as beer and chicken vouchers but one single voucher for the whole table (which is actually illegal), you're required to pay an additional fee per person and a ridiculously expensive shipping fee. We also fear that requests including preorders for outrageously expensive menus are being prioritized.