As most modern small tents, the veal grill concentrates on a culinary theme. In the evening, it's transformed into a Schlager disco.

The three Hochreiter brothers can be seen as the kings of small Oktoberfest tents. After the family had already acquired the Haxnbraterei and Zur Bratwurst, Erich Hochreiter took the chance to take over Sigfried Able’s Kalbskuchl in 2014. Just as the Hochreiters always did it, concept, building, and name hardly changed with the acquisition – not even the customer-unfriendly reservation terms.

The focus on specific dishes is typical for contemporary small Oktoberfest tents as is the party music after 6 pm, offered by the band A gmahde Wiesn. However, from noon to 4:30 pm the Wiesnbuam offer traditional Bavarian beer hall music, which is quite unusual.