The Käfer hut is the Oktoberfest sanctuary for those who consider themselves high-society. Walk-ins only accepted in the nice beer garden that is open late.

The Käfer family has been at Oktoberfest since 1971 since 1972 with today’s business, which resembles a farm much more than a beer tent. Also, on the inside, stall-like seating on two floors is preferred to the common structure of a beer tent. It’s the only beer tent with reservable tables in its beer garden, which even seats more persons than the building itself. While being very calm in the afternoons, it is hard to get in there in the evenings, as there are no non-reserved tables inside.

The menu is even pricier than in other tents and geared towards a well-off clientele. Consequently, its ambiance is far from traditional and lacks a traditional band. It is one of only two beer tents which are allowed to serve until 12:30 a.m.

Reservations 2024

Reservations for the Oktoberfest have been released on April 1st. Käfer is known for not publicly offering any interesting reservation slots.