The classic duck and chicken grill is more of a restaurant than a beer tent.

Heimer’s duck and chicken grill is the last old-school small tent at the Oktoberfest. After not being admitted and making place for Goldener Hahn in 2016, the tent had to be rebuilt with only 300 instead of formerly 400 seats and moved from Wirtsbudenstraße to street two, between Augustiner tent and Ochsenbraterei, where the Hippodrom was once located.

Most about the tent, especially its visuals, didn’t change, though. Being the last tent without music, it considers itself the last real duck and chicken grill of the Oktoberfest. By the way, chicken wasn’t even added to the menu after the relaunch in 2017, as well as Weißbier. Unusual for small tents, Heimer’s has a small beer garden to its side.