The "heaven of Bavarians" is one of the most popular tents. The very young crowd fills the central aisle already at noon. The Hacker tent has a very good menu.

Since its retheming in the 50s, the Hacker brewery's Oktoberfest tent is known as the heaven of Bavarians. Since Toni Roiderer became the tents' host in 1989, the butcher from south of Munich transformed it into one of the most popular Oktoberfest tents. You'll find it crowded on any given day starting at noon.

In 2016, one year after Thomas Roiderer, Toni’s son, took over, the tent was completely rebuilt from scratch. While many non-regular visitors may not even recognize that there is a new tent, it becomes obvious when you recognize that broader hallways make it seem way less overcrowded than it used to be and that the huge painting on the inside no shows contemporary instead of historical motifs.

Hackerzelt’s guests are not only numerous but also rather young and arrive at the non-reserved section already before noon. The front gallery is the destination of the annual Oktoberfest visit of 1860 München’s soccer team.

The menu is one of the best-balanced and reasonably priced at Oktoberfest.

Reservations 2022

Reservations can be requested since June 27 after multiple postponements. Despite its popularity, the Hackerzelt used to offer a few Sunday reservations in the past years. To have a chance of getting one of them, don't forget to subscribe to our reservation alarm further down this page.