The chicken grill is mostly addressing solvent patrons who dream of champagne breakfasts when thinking of the Oktoberfest.

This small Oktoberfest tent was first introduced in 2015 and offers 300 seats inside and 60 seats on the outside, which is rather extraordinary for small Oktoberfest tents.

Not only its name is targeted towards people who like to spend money, but also its menu is tailored to the needs of people who unavoidably associate the Oktoberfest with champagne (breakfast).

Gamskult is playing daily in the afternoon, Dreisam Live takes over in the evening. Additionally, there’s an afternoon program on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 pm to 5 pm including cowbell music, whip cracking, and traditional schuhplattler dances, but also stein holding and milking competitions. Clark Griswold sure would love it.

The lunch offers are extraordinarily affordable, though.