One of the smallest of the large tents offers fish on a stick and beer from wooden barrels. The crowd is a little older; Popular gay second Monday.

Not later than 1818, the first herring was grilled at Oktoberfest, but although it has been a popular treat for decades, it has completely disappeared until today. The reason is an even more popular fish dish: the Steckerlfisch, which is mainly mackerel, trout, or zander grilled on a stick. Not only has herring vanished over the years, but also the larger part of the once numerous fish stands is not present today. This cannot be ascribed to the alleged unpopularity of Steckerlfisch, but rather to the popularity of one single stand, the Fischer-Vroni.

In 1904 Josef Pravida built the famous timbered house with the half-hip roof and stork’s nest for the first time, but opened it under the name “Fischerhütte zum Holländer” (Dutchman’s Fishing Hut) and renamed it three years later as Fischer-Vroni. After decades in the neighborhood of the Augustinerzelt, it moved to today’s location in the Wirtsbudenstraße in 1998.

The current building, whose façade still looks essentially the same as more than a hundred years ago, dates from 2006, was extended with a gallery on top of the main entrance in 2011 and again modified in 2013 when the front received barrel storage. In 2022, a bar was added to the balcony.

On the south side of the tent, you can watch the mackerels, trouts, zanders, fingerlings, and bass being grilled and buy one of them for consumption in a beer garden. Besides the fish-oriented and unique menu, Fischer-Vroni offers an additional treat: Augustiner Oktoberfest beer served from wooden barrels. Non-alcoholic beer will be served for the first time in 2024.

In 2023, the tent gave up the concept of an all-day band. Sepp Folger's orchestra wass being replaced by Münchner Zwietracht every evening after 7 pm. Münchner Zwietracht was playing at Hippodrom and Marstall in previous years.

Gay Monday

The second Monday received a radical makeover in the last couple of years. Actually known as the bricklayers' Monday at the Oktoberfest, as many handicraft businesses have been using this day for a visit for decades, Fischer-Vroni is nowadays known for "Prosecco Monday". While other tents usually don't close that day, you're likely to find Fischer-Vroni closed for overcrowding.

Reservations 2024

Fischer-Vroni startes accepting reservation requests for 2024 using the reservation form in April. In past years, non-regulars could at least get lunchtime shifts on Sundays and the holiday. While more valuable reservations for the Fischer-Vroni are rarely publicly available, they do offer so-called last-minute reservations. Unfortunately, in two-hour shifts, though. In 2023, a couple of regular evening shifts became available in July.

Sun., September 2912:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Sun., October 0612:00 PM - 05:00 PM