The tiny tent offers a variety of rather exotic fish dishes, Oktoberfest beer and wine.

Peter Lingnau has been at the Oktoberfest since 1993. After many years of running a seafood stall, he was granted a promotion in 2013 and is since allowed serve 137 seated and 15 standing visitors in a small tent. A stall is still included in the building and allows you to choose from remarkable 26 different fish sandwiches even without getting seated. The hut moved from familienplatz to street 4 east in 2018.


Even though the tent is tiny, it offers music even at lunchtime. From 09/18 - 09/23, 09/25 - 09/30 and 10/02 - 10/03, you can hear Kapelle Quetschenblech; on 09/17, 09/24, and 10/01, the acoustic pop rock and SoN unplugged and on 09/25 Roland Hefter will quickly stop by. Starting at 6 pm, "Flottn3er" will perform.