If you appreciate a calmer atmosphere in the evening than in the other café tents, the oldest of its kind could be to your liking.

Café Theres, known as Café Mohrenkopf until 2022, is the oldest café tent at the Oktoberfest. The Wiemes family received its Oktoberfest lot in 1950 for the first time as a remedy for the war damages at their café – and they kept it until today. Even after renewing the tent in 2008, it still kept its identity and is significantly calmer than Café Kaiserschmarrn, for example.

As known from other café tents, it's not limited to breakfast, café and cake, which are prepared on-site, but is offering wine and cocktails at night. The former name Mohrenkopf is referring to a marshmallow-like but much creamier sweet coated with chocolate.

The band Monaco Allstars starts playing daily at 6 pm.

Following its façade, the interior of the tent will receive new paintings in 2023, showing the English Garden.