The Pschorr brewery's tent not only received a new building but also a new concept.

The Bräurosl is one of the large tents of the Munich Oktoberfest. Existing since 1901, the tent today offers 6110 seats on the inside and 2150 in the beer garden.

The Bräurosl tent is named after a legendary daughter of the Pschorr family, who was known to drink her Maß beer every evening on horseback in the brewery and hereby deeply impressing the brewers with her appearance. She is also the motif of the picture high above the entrance.

The Bräurosl was established in 1901, being the first tent to be illuminated electrically. In 1913 it was the largest beer tent ever built for the Oktoberfest, seating up to 12000 guests. The current building was remodelled in 2004 and received another small redesign in 2011, now featuring a contemporary glass façade and a beer pipeline just as the affiliated Winzerer Fähnd (Paulaner Festzelt).

In 2022, the tent was already replaced with a new building and received an entirely new concept as the Heide family quit the tent after 83 years.

Crowd and atmosphere

Formerly known for a very young crowd, the tent is trying to become a little more traditional starting in 2022. Therefore, Ludwig-Thoma-Musikanten, who have been the tent's band since 1972, were replaced by the very renowned Blaskapelle Josef Menzl, is known for its wild Bavarian beer hall music. Unfortunately, Hacker-Pschorr didn't give the new band enough time to win over a new, more traditional crowd and is using Erwing und die Heckflossen starting the first Oktoberfest Wednesday at 8 pm.

On the first Sunday, the Bräurosl is usually closed for overcrowding, as it’s packed with gays. Also, the subsequent Monday became very popular within the gay community in recent years.

Reservations 2022

Reservations could be requested via starting on May 28, 2021.