Peter Schöniger's new tent is replacing Herzkasperlfestzelt at Oide Wiesn in 2024.

Boandlkramerei will take Herzkasperl's place at the Oide Wiesn in 2024. Peter Schöniger thus moves up from sausage stand operator, which he has been at the Wiesn since 1992, to a landlord. Up to now, he was mainly known for his traveling Bayernland-Festhalle, which he, among others, also sets up for the Munich Spring Festival.

As his predecessor Beppi Bachmaier is a major player in the Munich cultural scene and offered a very unusual, varied program at the Wiesn, this change of host caused quite a stir. The Bavarian television even covered the city council meeting in which the decision was made in a live broadcast.

The music program is designed by Winfried Frey. He doesn't want to create a copy of the Herzkasperl tent, "but keep tried and tested music groups and popular artists, as well as give new trends and young artists a chance."

Schöniger emphasizes that Frey was recommended to him by Karl-Heinz Knoll, one of the brains behind the Oide Wiesn. Knoll, however, immediately reacted to that claim and clarified that he had done this for the folk singer tent. In 2022, Schöniger has already tried to replace Schönheitskönigin with his Schöne Münchnerin tent.

This aspect is worth mentioning because there is a risk that Boandlkramerei will not be different enough from the folk singer tent, which is now called Schützenlisl. Frey was not previously known for new folk music, which occupied large parts of Herzkasperlzelt's program. Nothing concrete is known about the content of the new program. Artists are invited to apply at in order to fill any gaps that may still exist.

It is not only the music program that raises questions, the choice of name may not be immediately obvious either. Boandlkramer is a Bavarian term for the grim reaper and literally translates to bones trader. Hence, Boandlkramerei can be translated as bones shop. According to the press release, Schöniger sees his tent as such as you get meat on bones, as in any other tent.

It will be interesting to see how the Boandlkramerei 2024 performs and which musicians will appear there. And last but not least, which tent we will see at this location in 2025.

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