Munich's oldest brewery has the by far most traditional tent with wooden barrels, traditional music. Many regulars who worship it like a cult.

The zeitgeist never meant much to the Augustiner brewery. Not only is Munich’s oldest brewery, founded in 1328, the last brewery to serve its Oktoberfest beer exclusively from wooden kegs, also its tent is the most traditional one. Its present-day appearance dates back to 1926. 2010 even brought back its tower, which disappeared after World War II and is today serving as keg storage. But also on the inside, Augustiner is consistent with its tradition. The atmosphere here is much more down-to-earth than in other tents, with traditional music almost all day long and a crowd, which starts dancing on the benches much later than elsewhere.

Many argue the Augustinerzelt is the last real Oktoberfest tent, with a large portion of indigenous guests and a much less rowdy ambiance. It’s one of the few tents, which are already packed at lunchtime. If you are looking for an authentic experience, this is the place to go.

In 2024, the brewery is offering nonalcoholic beer for the first time.

Reservations 2024

In general, you don't request a reservation in the tent's reservation form; you inherit it. However, in 2023, they opened the reservation form on July 10 including the last two Sunday afternoons, the holiday, and a Wednesday evening. The start of the reservation phase for 2024 isn't known yet.