The Oktoberfest 2020 was cancelled. The 187th Munich Oktoberfest is planned to begin on September 18th 2021.

There are 14 large and a number of small tente at the Oktoberfest

Yes, you read correctly, there are incredibly 14 so-called “large” and 20 small tents at the Munich Oktoberfest. In addition, there’s a Weißbier garden and four more beer tents at the Oide Wiesn. While the large tents all feature more than 3000 seats inside and in their beer gardens, the small tents each have up to 1000 seats combined.

Most of the large tents of the festival have about 6000 seats on the inside, divided into the central aisle, the “boxes” at the side and the balconies. The largest of them is the Hofbräuzelt offering seats and standing room to 7018 guests inside and another 3022 seats in the beer garden, hence 10040 in total.

All the large tents excluding the Weinzelt and the Käfer Wiesnschänke feature large unreserved seating areas, which is not the case with the small tents. The beer gardens are with minor exceptions completely unreserved. You can't buy any tickets to enter the tents - admission is always for free.

On the following pages, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Oktoberfest tents – including the atmosphere, music, food and table reservations.

Large Tents

Die Fassade des Armbrustschützenzelts während der blauen Stunde


The crossbowmen’s’ tent is usually a little quieter than other Oktoberfest tents.

Augustiner Festhalle

For many, the tent of Munich's oldest brewery is the last remaining authentic Oktoberfest tent.

Die Fassade der Bräurosl vor strahlend blauem Himmel


The former brewery tent of Pschorrbräu has once been the largest at the Oktoberfest.

Die Fischer-Vroni mit ihrem Straßenverkauf


The smallest of the large tents in the Wirtsbudenstraße is mostly known for its culinary treats.

Die Konditoreihütte vor der Käfer Wiesnschänke

Käfer Wiesnschänke

Those who consider themselves high-society, consider the Käfer hut their Oktoberfest sanctuary.

The facade of the Hacker-Festzelt in dust


The tent of the Hacker brewery is one of the most popular of the Oktoberfest.


The Hofbräuzelt's popularity with Anglo-Saxons resulted in it offering the only standing room.


The Löwenbräu tent is extraordinarily popular with foreign tourists.

Der Mittelteil der Fassade des Marstalls samt Quadriga


Behind the kitschy heart-shaped facade, you will find a rather quiet tent, which is especially popular with opulent glitter dirndls.

Die Fassade der Ochsenbraterei bei strahlend blauem Himmel


The tent of the Spaten brewery is mostly known for its oxen, which can be seen in front of the kitchen.


Traditionally, Schottenhamel is mainly popular with a younger crowd than other tents.

Die Front des Schützenfestzelts von der Sendlinger Anhöhe aus gesehen


The once sleepy Schützenzelt awoke in the 2000s, when Munich's jeunesse dorée discovered it, dancing to mostly pop music there ever since.

Das Weinzelt von der Matthias-Pschorr-Straße aus gesehen.


Party music and wine is not only provided all day long, but even when the other tents are already closed.

Die Fassade des Winzerer Fähndl im Sonnenschein

Winzerer Fähndl (Paulaner Festzelt)

Its tour is one of the most photographed sights at Oktoberfest.

Kleine Zelte