Although evening reservations are almost unavailable to non-regulars, there are some exceptions.

Oktoberfest reservations are available to first-timers in vast numbers - for lunchtime, weekdays. Reservations for those time slots may be valuable for very large groups but aren't recommendable for most visitors. Evening and weekend reservations, which are actually valuable, are, in general, only available to regulars and are being renewed each year.

But luckily, there are exceptions to that rule. Each year, many of our reservation alarm subscribers score very valuable reservations for evenings and weekends. In this article, we want to show what you can expect based from each tent based on our experience from past years.

As it's, in most tents, still unlikely to get an evening reservation, don't forget about our Facebook group, where many seats are offered each year, especially on short notice.


The Armbrustschützenzelt is one of the most newbie-friendly tents of the Oktoberfest. In 2023, they publicly offered reservations for all evenings. Some of those, however, required a written justification of your reservation request. Also, there offer last-minute reservations for Saturday evenings. Those were, however, gone in a couple of minutes each time they were released.

In 2024 the reservation form opened including slots for all weekend afternoons, except for the first Saturday. On April 2nd even all evenings except for the first two Saturdays and the first Friday were released.


The Augustiner tent is totally different. Reservations are almost all renewed by regulars over and over again. Before 2019, even lunchtime reservations haven't been publicly available for many years in a row. However, the tent offered left-over reservations only a couple of weeks before the Oktoberfest in their reservation office in the city. In 2023, however, some evening reservations became regularly available in the reservation form.

<p>The Augustiner Tent has a huge amount of regulars.</p>

The Augustiner Tent has a huge amount of regulars.


In 2023, Bräurosl offered all reservation slots except for Friday and Saturday nights in its reservation form. The evenings were gone within minutes, however weekend afternoon slots were again released later. On top of that, left-over reservations were released on August 27. 2024 only the last two Sundays and the holiday were available at the beginning.


Contrary to our experience from previous years, when only some Sunday afternoons could be reserved by non-regulars, In 2023, a couple of tables for almost all evenings became available in July.

Last-minute reservations were available in two-hour shifts for groups as small as two people.

Käfer Wiesnschänke

Although the Wiesnschänke isn't even full on Saturday afternoons, only the most unattractive reservation slots are available in the reservation form. Well, its host probably has too many good friends...


Being one of the most popular tents, even lunchtime reservations are usually almost all gone by the beginning of the Oktoberfest. Nonetheless, after a two-year hiatus, some interesting reservation slots showed up in the reservation form in 2024. Right with the beginning of the reservation phase, all weekend days, excluding the first Saturday were available. Sunday inlcuding evenings.

<p>The Hacker Tent is one of the two most popular Oktoberfest tents.</p>

The Hacker Tent is one of the two most popular Oktoberfest tents.


In 2022, the tent started the reservation phase including Sunday and Monday night shifts, in 2023, even evening reservations for a whopping four different days were publicly offered. In 2024, they at least included the first two Sundays, with evenings, for the reservation start at March 14.


Only reservations for lunchtime from Monday through Thursday are offered publicly. There's no information about the availability of valuable time slots.


In 2023, the tent offered very interesting evening slots for a remarkably long time. However, you were also asked to preorder menus, champagne, and water as part of the reservation process. Of course, only for logistic reasons... Short three-hour afternoon reservations are easy to obtain on any day. In late August, another batch of reservations for almost all evenings was released.


The oxen grill has the most extensive offering for last-minute reservations. Each day, they would release evening reservations. The availability of regular reservations is announced publicly. Starting in August, evening reservations were released in the reservation form in several rounds – for all days. It looks like the tent is looking for a new audience to go with its repositioning as a disco tent. We'll see if that will continue in 2024.

<p>The Ochsenbraterei has the most last-minute reservations.</p>

The Ochsenbraterei has the most last-minute reservations.


Modestly interesting three-hour (fore-) noon and afternoon shifts are often even available for weekends. The Schottenhamel tent is usually one of the first to accept reservation requests. In 2023, some regular evening reservations were available, too, which is very rare.


The Schützenzelt is typically not publicly offering reservations. Just very uninteresting lunchtime slots from Monday through Wednesday can be expected to be available.


The wine tent is usually the only one that offers evening reservations long before the beginning of the Oktoberfest and not only leftovers. At the beginning of the reservation phase, you can typically expect Sunday nights and other weekend afternoons to be available.

Winzerer Fähndl (Paulaner Festzelt)

Paulaner's hosts collect reservation requests for very attractive spots over several weeks. Our test reservations confirmed what many of our readers suspected: requests including more vouchers than the minimum consumption were favoured. As this practice was, again, specifically prohibited by the city, it's hard to say, how they're going to do their reservations in 2024. With the opening of the reservation form, they at least offered Sunday afternoons.

Oide Wiesn

The four tents of the Oide Wiesn typically offer reservations for any time slot even to first-timers.