Even during the craziest times, you'll often find free seats in between historic exhibits. Beer garden with historic bowling alley and bar in front of the tent.

A museum tent was already part of the historic Oktoberfest in 2010, which was continued as Oide Wiesn. Most exhibits are owned by Munich's showmen foundation which also ran the tent between 2013 and 2017. Some of the exhibits are a trailer from the 50s that was used by the Oktoberfest press office until 2003, multiple organs and tractors as well as Ochsenbraterei's original Ox sandwich entrance.

Some exhibits can even be used, like a historic shooting galley from 1905, a carousel from 1945 and some stands.

A major portion of the tent is occupied by a beer-garden-themed seating area, which has been quite beautiful since its redesign in 2017.