The historic bowling alley houses a weißbier bar, too.

Nine-pin bowling was one of the first popular amusements to be offered at the Oktoberfest. Anton Gruber, the legendary Prater showman, was the first of his trade to be allowed to offer various amusement businesses in 1818. In addition to swings and merry-go-rounds, they also included bowling alleys. After bowling was not a typical Oktoberfest entertainment for quite some time, it returned to the Oide Wiesn 201 years after its premiere.

Two bowlers can compete against each other on two lanes. The probably biggest attraction is the manual mechanism for re-setting the pins. Next to the bowling alley there is also a wheat beer bar, sometimes even offer folk music.

Initially positioned next to the museum tent, the bowling alley has been located right at the main entrance to the Oidn Wiesn since 2023.