Originally, the ride to paradise was faster than the TÜV allowed. Today, it is still exciting due to the steep mountains and valleys.

On the “ride into paradise”, Oide Wiesn visitors can find out that even in the first half of the last century, people appreciated a fast carousel ride. At speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour, it goes over mountains and narrow valleys with surprisingly steep gradients. The small radius of the carousel does the rest, and lateral and vertical accelerations ensure that passengers are thrilled. The current speed has already been reduced by the TÜV and no longer corresponds to the original condition.

The caterpillar ride was built in 1939 and fell victim to the spirit of the times in 1955. It only came to Bavaria, and thus to its Oktoberfest premiere, for the Historische Wiesn 2010. After almost 50 years in storage, it was still in surprisingly good condition, so it was painstakingly restored over the years. It is fortunate that the TÜV did not require the retrofitting of safety bars. Only the minimum age of passengers had to be set at six years.