The new "Old Oktoberfest" takes place in the south of the Theresienwiese.

The Oide Wiesn, "old Oktoberfest" in English, is a separate festival that emphasizes the traditional character of the Oktoberfest with brass music and historical attractions. It has to pause every four years to make room for the central agricultural fair (Zentrallandwirtschaftsfest, ZLF), which would have been the case in 2024. However, the Bavarian farmers' association surprisingly cancelled its exhibition and Oide Wiesn is therefore planned for 2024 as well.

Concept and history

In 2010, the Oktoberfest got 200 years old. Of course, such a historic occasion had to be celebrated. Subsequently, behind the Ferris wheel at the south end of the Theresienwiese, you could visit the “Historische Wiesn” (Historic Oktoberfest) to watch horse races as a reminiscence of the roots of the festival or to enjoy other historic attractions and two beer tents. The overwhelming success of that additional fairground led to its establishment as a regular extension of the actual Oktoberfest. Ironically, the new format was named “Oide Wiesn” (Old Oktoberfest).

Entrance fee

The most striking difference between the Oide Wiesn and the actual Oktoberfest is the fact that you have to pay a fee of four Euros before entering the three-hectare site. The entrance fee is, however, used to cross-subsidize all the rides, which are only €1.50 each. On busy days, it’s possible that the whole area closes for over-crowding. Otherwise, the Oide Wiesn can be a good alternative when the large beer tents of the actual Oktoberfest are closed for overcrowding. Starting 2023, the opening times are the same as for the actual Oktoberfest.

Tents and reservations

The main ingredients of this still new and fluctuating festival are the large beer tent, the Festzelt Tradition, a musicians’ tent, a folk singer tent and a selection of historic rides and other attractions. In 2024, the musicians' tent Herzkasperl-Festzelt will be replaced by Boandlkramerei, which could change the known dynamics of Oide Wiesn.

The Festzelt Tradition, on the other hand, is an ordinary beer tent presenting traditional brass music and dances. In addition to the two, the folk singer tent's spot has been taken by Schützenlisl since 2022, offer traditional Bavarian music and sing-a-longs.

Reservations for the Oide Wiesn tents are usually easier to obtain than for the regular Oktoberfest. Even for Saturday and Friday nights, reservation slots are usually offered publicly for all tents.



Peter Schöniger's new tent is replacing Herzkasperlfestzelt at Oide Wiesn in 2024.





Festzelt Tradition

The largest beer tent of the Oide Wiesn ist particularly traditional offering brass music and a cultural program including traditional dancers.





Crowd Level Afternoon


Crowd Level Evening



Even during the craziest times, you'll often find free seats in between historic exhibits. Beer garden with historic bowling alley and bar in front of the tent.





Crowd Level Afternoon

Crowd Level Evening



Schützenlisl is Oide Wiesn's folk singer tent.







The predecessor of the Break Dance, one of the most successful carousels of all time, was reactivated for the 200th anniversary of the Oktoberfest.

Fahrt ins Paradies

Originally, the ride to paradise was faster than the TÜV allowed. Today, it is still exciting due to the steep mountains and valleys.



Historic Nine-Pin Bowling

The historic bowling alley houses a weißbier bar, too.

Munich Puppet Theater

Grown-ups and little ones can witness Kasperl Larifari's adventures in the open air.


The old carousel has a very special effect that you won't find in modern rides: it suddenly goes dark.