Franziska Inselkammer is succeeding Viktoria Ostler as Münchner Kindl in 2023.

Since 1938, the city of Munich has a human representation of its coat of arms, the Münchner Kindl (Munich Child). The Münchner Kindl, which is leading the Oktoberfest parades each year, is, just like the parades, organized by Festring München. The latter used the opening of Munich's birthday celebration on Saturday to present the new Münchner Kindl in an appropriate setting.

After an exceptionally long reign of six years, Viktoria Kern (née Ostler) passed the baton, or rather the fake beer mug, on to Franziska Inselkammer.

As Festring is generally acquiring its candidates from families who a close relationship with beer and the Oktoberfest, multiple Oktoberfest hosts have already represented the Münchner Kindl, among other Silja Schrank-Steinberg and Stephpanie Spendler. This kind of career doesn't seem unrealistic for Franziska Inselkammer either, as she was born into one of Munich's most important brewery and gastronomy dynasties.

The different branches of the family own the Ayinger brewery, a lot of real estate, including half of Platzl, the second-biggest share of the Augustiner Brewery and since 1990 the license to run the Armbrustschützenzelt at the Oktoberfest. The hosts of the latter, Peter and Katharina Inselkammer, are Franziska's parents.

Another fitting aspect for naming Franziska as Münchner Kindl is her affinity for the big stage. As she wants to become an actress, she's currently doing an internship at the Vienna Burgtheater.

The first big role, she already wanted to play as a kid, is Münchner Kindl. Being a member of the trachten association Chiemgauer München, she used to participate at the Trachten- und Schützenzug at young age. This year, she'll even lead the parade on horseback.