There will be three new tents this year.

In 2022 Oktoberfest visitors can visit a whopping three new tents. Unfortunately, we don't have a similarly exciting situation looking at new rides. This article puts the spotlight on everything new for the Oktoberfest 2022 and will be updated whenever we learn something new.

Bräurosl with new building and landlord

These days, Oktoberfest tents of the Paulaner group tend not to get extraordinarily old. After only 16 Oktoberfests, the building of the Bräurosl is already to be replaced with an entirely new structure.

The new tent will again be constructed by Pletschacher and will be structured similarly to their last two tents, Hackerzelt and Ochsenbraterei. It will also feature a balcony on all four sides. The one facing the beer garden in the south will be partially outside. On the inside, the two long sides will only have one row of tables.

Against our expectations, the tent was entirely redesigned, even giving up the half-timber facade.

Even more interesting than the new building is the change of hosts. After the Heide family already decided to end their gastronomic dynasty already in 2020, Peter Reichert will be the new host.

He formerly ran the Oide Wiesn's Schönheitskönigin, which was probably the liveliest tent of the entire Oktoberfest.

This means a dramatic change in terms of music for the tent. Formerly known to be one the last few to play some very simple contemporary drinking music and not even having traditional brass music in the afternoon, the latter will be the focus of the new landlord.

He signed Josef Menzl's brass band, which is known for turning beer tents into madhouses with traditional beer hall music only. Very looking forward to the same thing happening at the Oktoberfest.

The empty interior of the old Bräurosl Oktoberfest tent
The empty interior of the old Bräurosl Oktoberfest tent

Tent change at the Oide Wiesn

Surprisingly, Zur Schönheitskönigin lost the folk singer tent license at the Oide Wiesn. Gerda Reichert tried to run the tent on her own after divorcing Peter, who moved to the Bräurosl.

Although the tent was among the liveliest of the whole Oktoberfest, it will be replaced by Lorenz Stiftl's Schützenlisl. The new tent will be provided by the Augustiner brewery instead of Hofbräu.

Replacement for Zum Stiftl

As Lorenz Stiftl finally was successful after years of getting a bigger tent at the Oide Wiesn, his old spot for a 440-seater has to be filled with a new tent. Kathrin Wickenhäuser-Egger and Alexander Egger (Münchner Stuben) will run the new tent in front of the Löwenbräu-Festhalle.

New Rides

Given the exciting gastronomical changes, showmen news is rather disappointing. The only new ride for 2022 is the carousel Circus Circus, which is similar to Magic, which has been at the Oktoberfest for years.

Beer gardens won't be heated

The Oktoberfest's gas consumption equals that of approximately 1200 households - not a good situation to be in this year. To reduce the gas bills a little, tent owners are planning to not heat the beer gardens this year.