Summer brings fair grounds to the city

Following last year's cancellation of the Oktoberfest due to the pandemic, the City of Munich quickly put a concept together to allow showmen to at least have some income. Thanks to the success of the first edition, "Sommer in der Stadt" returns in 2021. As more and more different things are getting combined under that label, we focus on Volksfest attractions. Rides are present at three different spots in Munich from July 29th to August 22nd.


While the Theresienwiese was already a part of Sommer in der Stadt last year, the city avoided doing anything with it that could have been compared to the Oktoberfest. That is different in 2021. Following "Resls Kollektivgarten", an electro beer garden that ended on July 22nd, there will be rides this year at the Theresienwiese. The area south of the Olympic Park is not available this year as a miniature version of the Tollwood festival actually takes place. Therefore, most rides we saw there in 2020 are to be found at the Theresienwiese this year. The following rides are present:

Additionally, there is a number of food stands and three beer gardens.


Setting up a Ferris Wheel at Königsplatz created exactly the kind of photo opportunities we were hoping for when we first wrote about Sommer in der Stadt. After it turned out to be the iconic Munich photo motif of 2020, it returns for the second edition together with some kids rides.


Coubertin Square offers several rides and booths similar to what we're used to during the Olympiapark Sommerfest, just like it already did in 2020. There will be a Ferris Wheel, Wilde Maus, carousels, bumper cars, Alpenrausch, Wellenflug, and some other small rides.