There will be four new rides in 2018.

One day later than we’re used to, the city of Munich invited the press to the Oktoberfest press conference 2018. While our readers are already well informed about the new rides of the 185th Oktoberfest, at least some news were presented by the mayor of Munich.


Although, there are now significant changes to the exaggerated security measures in 2018, Schmid felt like justifying himself for their introduction. “The Kreisverwaltungsreferat is together with the police well aware that the Oktoberfest cannot be held without the ban on bags and the new sound system.” Especially the latter was largely criticized due to its extreme cost. Schmid, however, said that it justified its existence last year when it was used to warn visitors of two flooded streets after heavy rains.

Bags larger than 20cm x 15cm x 10cm or a volume above three liters will thus stay banned. Luggage can be left at all entrances for three or seven euro, depending on its weight.

New attractions

You may already have read that there are two new rides for thrill seekers: the Chaos Pendel and the Predator and there will be a new carousel for families as well as a redecorated funhouse.

In addition to that, the Hofphotograph will return after a two-year hiatus. There, you can take pictures of yourself in historic clothing.

News from the Oide Wiesn

Less than in the past years will change at the Oide Wiesn. The museum tent will however have a new, historic candy stand of 1954 and a sale of reprints of all official Oktoberfest posters from 1952 to 2017 for 12€ per piece. If requested, they will also be shipped.

This year’s exposition in the museum tent is all about the legendary showman Carl Gabriel. He brought the still existing Hexenschaukel to the Oktoberfest in 1894 as well as gigantic ethnic shows, the Teufelsrad (1910) or the Hippodrom (1903).

After the large Velodrom has been replaced by the Schönheitskönigin, this historic attraction will return to the museum tent. The Velodrom allows you to try out “strange” bikes. The tent will also be extended by a beer garden.


The beer tent capacity monitor will even be shown on the screen of the Munich U-Bahn. Those screens will also be used to warn potential visitors of large crowds.

The test run with short-term reservations of the Fischer-Vroni last year, which allowed to reserve individual seats in case of a reservation being cancelled on short notice less than 24 hours before the reservation time, will be extended. This year, more tents are supposed to participate. However, neither Schmid nor the tent hosts spokesman was able to name the participating tents.

The show Encounter which burned down a few weeks ago will be replaced by Big Bamboo.