A little guide around the Schaustellerstraße.

In order to give you a simple overview of the vast number of rides and attractions at Oktoberfest, we chose a small number, you shouldn’t miss.

The oldest attractions


The oldest attraction at Oktoberfest is a vaudeville theatre, which has been defying Zeitgeist since 1867 and is, therefore, loves by the people in Munich. It’s mostly known for its beheading of a guest using a guillotine and the show you can watch for free in front of the theatre. In order to fully enjoy it, you should understand some German, though.

<p>Many don'>

Many don't know that the Schichtl show is actually redone every year.


The oldest ride at Oktoberfest is the Witches’ Whip. This “madhouse” was built in 1894 and is often overseen due to its size.

The grand classics

Besides the already mentioned attractions, there are many more at Oktoberfest, which are only built for this occasion and which any child of Munich knows.


The devil’s wheel allows you to stay inside and watch those who try to conquer it for as long as you want. The goal for those, who also want to participate, is to stay as long as possible on a spinning platform.


In front of Toboggan you will always see a large crowd witnessing the attempts of brave people trying to climb the tower using a conveyor belt. Those who are capable of this are rewarded with the following glissade.

<p>Toboggans of this kind once were very trendy. At least one is still left today.</p>

Toboggans of this kind once were very trendy. At least one is still left today.


Krinoline is a carousel built in 1924, which may foremost not even be known for the ride itself but for being the only ride with its own brass band.

The most spectacular rides


The largest travelling rollercoaster in the world without inversions was the first rollercoaster to debut an airtime hill in 1984. Still today, it’s a fun machine.

A train on Olympia Looping
A train on Olympia Looping's lift hill


The fascination of Olympia-Looping isn’t hard to explain as soon as you’ve seen it with your own eyes. It’s not only gigantesque but also very photogenic. Those who dare to ride it will even recognize that the ride still is remarkably smooth.