Follow the Oktoberfest construction 2024 with our regularly updated photo galleries.

For years, it was an unwritten law that the Oktoberfest construction took ten weeks, but in recent years the construction time has been regularly tinkered with. In the past, nobody except the companies involved would have been interested in this, but since 2024 Theresienwiese has been largely fenced off during set-up, it has become an obstacle for residents who regularly cross it.

In 2024, construction officially begins on July 1, almost 12 weeks before the start of the 189th Oktoberfest. More complex tent constructions, but in particular the lack of manpower, make the construction companies regularly push for longer set-up and dismantling times. Depending on the construction phase, up to 2000 people work on Theresienwiese.

As usual, we accompany the Oktoberfest construction with regular new photos from the construction site. You can find the galleries at the bottom of this page.

When does the Oktoberfest Construction begin in 2024?

The construction is separated into multiple phases to prevent separate construction sites from blocking each other. At the beginning of the construction, there are two lots, later only one. Lot 1 includes all big tents at the regular Oktoberfest, lot 2 is Oide Wiesn. This is this year's timetable:

July 1Big tents of the Oktoberfest and small tents on lot 1.
July 29Big tents of the Oide Wiesn, Small tents on lots 1&2 as well as those outside
August 28Roller coasters, Ferris wheels, water rides, lot 1 is expanded to Bavariaring
September 4Bumper cars, ghost trains, flat rides, other attractions
September 9All other showmen businesses
September 12Stalls
September 13Stalls at the pillars (mostly almond stalls)
September 18Bread stalls