Follow the Oktoberfest construction 2022 with our regularly updated photo galleries.

For decades, the Oktoberfest construction lasted ten weeks. After an extension to eleven weeks in 2019, the 2022 edition is setting a new record: as if they just couldn't hold it any longer, the construction workers who are responsible for the new Bräurosl tent started erecting the first poles a surprising 18 weeks before the start of the festival.

Depending on the construction phase, up to 2000 workers work at the Theresienwiese. We’ll provide you with new construction photos on a regular basis with a focus on everything new for 2022, especially the new Bräurosl tent, the Schützenlisl and the replacement for the Stiftl tent.

Photos from June 22

Starting this week, all big Oktoberfest tents are being set up.

Photos from May 18

Here we go! Construction 2022 started a whopping 18 weeks before the Oktoberfest.