Over the eleven weeks of the Oktoberfest construction 2019, we’ll provide you with regularly new photos.

The construction of the 186th Munich Oktoberfest has been extended to eleven weeks and therefore already began at July 8 2019. Depending on the construction phase, between 150 and 2000 workers work at the Theresienwiese. We’ll provide you with new construction photos on a regular basis with a focus on the novelties and new rides of 2019.

Photos from July 8

Let’s go! On July 8, the construction of the Oktoberfest 2019 began at the Theresienwiese at Munich.

Photos of August 27

Photos of the 7th week of the Oktoberfest construction 2019: the first rides have arrived!

Photos of September 11

The first photos of the new rides in 2019.

Photos of September 3

The first new ride of 2019 has begun construction.

Photos from August 6

Many tents received their most important insignia this week.

Photos from July 30

In the fourth week, some tents are already encased.

Photos from July 24

Fresh Oktoberfest 2019 construction photos of the third week of construction directly from the Wiesn!

Photos from July 16

On our photos of the 2nd week of the construction of the Munich Oktoberfest 2019, you can already see the first structures of the large Oktoberfest beer tents.

Photos of September 16

The last week of anticipation is often able to give you goose bumps.