Less than two weeks before the beginning of Oktoberfest, more and more rides appear. Among the new arrivals are Skater, Breakdance, Calypso and Zugspitzbahn.

Less than two weeks before the beginning of Oktoberfest 2017, the Theresienwiese is vibrant even in the evening. Smaller booths started construction and most large rides are already being erected; Olympialooping even had a test ride today. The log flume ride, which has been absent for a couple of years, is again very impressive. Also, Zugspitzahn started construction, although it wasn’t supposed to get a spot this year. It’s replacing bumper cars behind Bräurosl.

The new buildings of Zur Schönheitskönigin and Ochsenbraterei are still visibly behind the other tents. You can also follow the completion on the interior with the Ochsenbraterei webcam.

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