Featuring so many new things, the Oktoberfest construction is even more interesting in 2017.

The construction of Oktoberfest starts ten weeks before the beginngin oft he festival.Der Wiesnaufbau beginnt immer am Montag zehn Wochen vor Oktoberfest-Beginn. In 2017 this is July 8. Depending on the construction phase, between 150 and 800 workers work at the Theresienwiese. Featuring a number of new tents and rides, the construction in 2017 may be even a little more interesting than in other years, especially as there will be a new Ochsenbraterei, which construction you can even follow in two webcams.


July 10Construction of the 16 large beer tents
August 21Construction of the small beer tents and the municipal stands
August 28Construction of the large rides
September 4Construction of other rides
September 7Marketers move into municipal and marketer-owned stands
September 8Construction of the marketer-owned stands in the middle of the streets
September 13Costruction of the bread stands
September 16Beginning of Oktoberfest