The perfect christmas present for Oktoberfest enthusiasts.

We also have an Oktoberfest Calendar 2022!

The Munich Oktoberfest has one significant flaw: it usually only lasts 16 days. As we are Oktoberfest enthusiasts (Wiesndamisch) ourselves, the needs of this fine group of people are close to our hearts. In order to make your offices, apartments, houses, mansions, and palaces profit from the magic of Oktoberfest all year round, we made a new Oktoberfest calendar for 2021.

As the calendar is exclusively produced for a small elite of enthusiasts, please don't wait to order before we run out of stock.

The calendar is 420mm x 297mm (DIN A3) and printed on high-quality film laminated paper. On top of that, the calendar is climate neutral.

The sale of the calendar is officially over. You may however inquire via if there are any left.

Oktoberfest Calendar 2021