The perfect christmas present for Oktoberfest enthusiasts.

We also have an Oktoberfest Calendar 2022!

The Munich Oktoberfest has one significant flaw: it usually only lasts 16 days. Even in exceptional years like 2017, when the 184th edition of the Bavarian national festival enchanted us full 18 days, Oktoberfest enthusiasts became aware of the caducity of our beloved part-time paradise all too fast.

As we are Oktoberfest enthusiasts ourselves, their needs are close to our hearts. In order to make your offices, apartments, houses, mansions and palaces profit from the magic of Oktoberfest all year round, we made a new Oktoberfest calendar for 2018 after last year’s very popular premiere.

This is the only Oktoberfest calendar that exclusively contains photos of the Oktoberfest 2017. It’s printed on very valuable, thick paper. This year it will be available via Amazon.