A number of rides is new at this year's Oktoberfest.

Six new rides await us in 2019. Not a bad year at all.

Paulaner takes down the name Winzerer Fähndl

Every time the Paulaner brewery touches a prestigious restaurant, the problems it has with embracing a traditional identity. The redesign of their brewery tent, the Winzerer Fähndl in 2010, was supposed to get it in line with the contemporary brand identity and led to the more or less spontaneous introduction of the term “Paulaner-Festzelt”.

The name of the cross bowers’ guild Winzerer Fähndl, which started the era of the large beer tents at the Oktoberfest with the inauguration of their own tent in 1895, has since only been a subtitle. In 2018, another redesign later, the historic name was completely removed from the tent’s façade.

The cross bowers guild already moved from the large Winzerer Fähndl into its new smaller sister in 1926, which became today’s Armbrustschützenzelt after Richard Süßmeier acquired it in 1958. The desire to remove the 123-year-old name created a challenge for the brewery’s press department.

No new host for the Löwenbräuzelt

During last year’s Oktoberfest, the oldest Oktoberfest host, Ludwig Hagn, received bad news: his declaration of the tent’s turnover that is used to calculate the rent for his tent was missing significant parts of the revenue. Therefore, he didn’t apply for the Löwenbräuzelt this year. His daughter Stephanie Spendler, however, did and did and will now run it without the official help of her father.

Enlargment of the Schönheitskönigin

Actually already expected last year, the Oide Wiesn’s Schönheitskönigin will receive a significant extension this year. Its capacity will double to 1384 seats on the inside and 360 on the outside.

Heidi the Coaster

The new roller coaster of the Schneider family, who may already know as the owner of the Power Tower 2, actually announced their new spinning coaster to premiere last year. In 2019, the 430-meter-long roller coaster will finally replace the Power Tower 2.


The AE Kaiser will replace its very popular Cyberspace with the Bayerntower this year. Unfortunately, not only the name of the ride fails to please: it will be a duplicate of the Jules-Verne-Tower.


This 105-meter-long roller coaster even allows the youngest to enjoy their first roller coaster rides.

Dr. Archibald

One thing is for sure: the impressive exterior of Dr. Archibald will be able to replace the Alpinabahn which surprisingly will be in Stuttgart this year. Its type of ride is completely new for Munich as the visual experience will be provided by VR headsets.

Spinning Racer

Honestly, this kind of rollercoaster isn’t completely new to Oktoberfest visitors as they have been able to ride a spinning rollercoaster of the exact same layout already from 2000 to 2002. The fun ride is 424 meters long.

Münchner Skiparty

After Häsler’s Encounter burned down last year only a few weeks shy of the Oktoberfest, the showman will replace it this year with a new walkthrough attraction.


Due to the cancellation of the Wildwasserbahn, this year's Oktoberfest will see a new log flume ride.