Oktoberfest-head Josef Schmid presented an outlook on the Oktoberfest 2017 to the media in this year’s press conference.

A little more than seven weeks before the beginning of the 184th Munich Oktoberfest, its organizer, the city of Munich, traditionally holds a press conference. While the new rides and tents at Oktoberfest 2017 are already well-known to our readers, Mayor and Oktoberfest-head Josef Schmid still had some new for us.

Security Concept

According to Schmid, the security concept has been updated to meet the newest requirements. A new PA system enables the organizers or the police to contact Oktoberfest visitors. Additionally, the city council decided just this week to separate visitors from delivery vehicles by opening doors one hour later as in the last years. Visitors won’t be able to enter the fest before 9am anymore.

Bags stay prohibited on the Theresienwiese. Bag storage will be available at 4€ per piece of luggage below 10kg and 7€ above. Stroller parking is available at 3€.

New attractions

1162 businesses applied for this year’s Oktoberfest, 545 were accepted. Among them are 143 catering outlets, 151 showmen and 251 vendors.

In addition to all the new rides and tents you already know of, the “Photopalast anno 1900” allows visitors to take historic photographs. At the Oide Wiesn, a “new” 70-year-old carousel and the world’s oldest choo-choo-train “Märchenlandexpress”, built in 1924, invite kids for a ride. Munich’s champaign producer Nymphenburg, who owned todays Weinzelt until 1999, makes an Oktoberfest comeback – with a historicizing Sekt booth at the Oide Wiesn.

Meinfest Payment App

The Austrian app Blue Code makes its way to the Oktoberfest with a sping-off called Meinfest. It allows you to pay at about 60 rides, booths and tents. We are skeptic, if a significant number of waiters will actually use it.

Official App

Muenchen.de released the new official Oktoberfest app today. If offers a map including a beer tent crowd level as well as a Facebook-powered friend finder.


We found something quite surprising on the new official “Wiesn-Tracht”. The print of the Dirndl says “Wiesnkönig”, which is the standard German equivalent for Wiesnkini (see the photos below). We feel qualified to point out that the Wiesnkini-T-Shirts are more fashionable. By far. The t-shirts are available in Europe via Spreadshirt and in the USA via Amazon.com