Which Oktoberfest tents sell wine?

Beer-filled mugs are so prominent at Oktoberfest that they even made it to the official Oktoberfest logo of the city of Munich in the 90s. Although Munich’s breweries have been very successful in putting themselves forward after 1880, wine is still being sold at Oktoberfest. Not only in the smaller tents and the tents of the Oide Wiesn, but also in the large owner-run tents and the riflemen’s tents. These are Marstall, Fischer-Vroni, Armbrustschützenzelt, Schützenzelt, Käfer Wiesnschänke and, not surprisingly, Weinzelt. All those tents also offer bars.

Keep in mind that the last two don’t offer unreserved seating. Check out our small tent guide to learn more about how to find the best Oktoberfest tent for you.