How much money do you need for a day at Oktoberfest?

First of all, an Oktoberfest visit doesn’t have to cost you anything. A stroll over the festival grounds exceeding the pure visual treats can be quite expensive by German standards, though. The hosts of the beer tents commonly adjust their prices upwards on a yearly basis, in total disregard of the actual inflation rate. Rides and food stands are also more expensive than on smaller festivals outside of Munich. Other festivals in Munich, however, are usually not significantly cheaper. We provide an overview page including the ticket prices of the most significant rides and food prices.

Beer prices at large fairs in northern Germany are often even higher than at the Oktoberfest. The fact that we’re hereby talking about way less beautiful events and bad beer should be self-explanatory. Depending on where you come from, you may find Oktoberfest rather cheap. Skål!