How much money do you need for a day at Oktoberfest?

An Oktoberfest visit doesn't necessarily have to cost you a Euro. But chances are that you will spend a couple of hundred Euros for beer, food and rides.

What to wear? Do I need an Oktoberfest-outfit?

No, you really don't need to buy anything special for the Oktoberfest. Just dress the way hat makes you happy.

Do you need reservations to visit the tents?

In general no. The large beer tents have free seating areas. However, there are times in which it gets difficult to access the tents without table reservations.

Where do I buy Oktoberfest-tickets?

“Oktoberfest Tickets” can’t be bought anywhere, as there is no such thing. At very busy times, you may need a table reservation to access the tents, though.

When is the best time to go to Oktoberfest?

Often, Oktoberfest newbies want to go, when it’s the craziest. Usually, you don’t want crazy, though. When it’s too busy, you won’t be able to enter the tents.

Why do you even celebrate the Oktoberfest?

It’s neither a celebration of the month of October, nor a season, holiday or type of festival. The Munich Oktoberfest dates back to a wedding.

Which is the best Oktoberfest?

After events named “Oktoberfest” have sprung up everywhere, even in Germany, outside of Bavaria, some obviously need to be told, that the Oktoberfest is in Munich only.

When does Oktoberfest take place?

The Munich Oktoberfest end on the first Sunday of October or October 3, whatever which is later. It starts three Saturday before that date.

What are the opening hours of the Oktoberfest tents?

Depending on the type of business, the opening hours at the Oktoberfest vary. At some tents the last call is as early as 9:30pm.

Which Oktoberfest Tents Sell Wine?

Many people don't know that not only Weinzelt offers wine.

Why is the Oktoberfest also called "Wiesn"?

In Munich, the biggest folk festival of the world is often called “Wiesn” instead of “Oktoberfest”. What does that mean?