Drink like the pros - protect your beer with an individual mug lid.

The beer garden season is in full swing, and therefore, we'd like to address an important topic: beer contamination by wasps, falling leaves or even your neighbor's saliva.

But luckily, our R&D department finally found a solution: the new wooden beer mug lids (suitable for liter mugs, half liters and other smaller glasses) not only provide active beer protection but also the fanciest way of beautifying your mugs.

Beer tent visitors also appreciate their built-in identification feature thanks to your individual laser-engraving underneath the Wiesnkini emblem. On top of that, it's also helpful to prevent premature clearing of your not yet finished beer.

Please don't forget to enter your desired engraving below, separated by commas per lid. The font we use for the engraving is UnifrakturMaguntia.

Orders are only accepted until September 5. We plan to ship them by September 11. If you're from overseas and want your mug lids for the Oktoberfest, you can either have them delivered to your hotel in Munich or a Packstation, where you can pick them up. They are €13 each.