More than a year in advance, you're able to request the first reservations for 2021.

Reservations for the Oktoberfest 2021 can be requested as of now at the Schützenfestzelt (reservation form) – more than one year, 382 days to be precise, before the beginning of the 187th Oktoberfest.

As we’re used to, the Schützen tent doesn’t offer any actually valuable reservation slots publicly at this time. Only afternoon reservations for weekdays are currently included in the reservation form. Those are at best interesting for large groups.

Nonetheless, we want to use this opportunity to motivate you to subscribe to our free reservation alarm. Our subscribers get an email whenever we learn of new reservation opportunities.

Closer to the beginning of the Oktoberfest, we were able to enable our readers to obtain very valuable evening and weekend reservations for free.

By the way: the production of the official Oktoberfest steins for 2020, the first Unoktoberfest steins, is delayed. Tha gives you the chance to still order yours internationally with a fancy tin lid or without.