Hacker-Pschorr confirms that Peter Reichert, former host of Oide Wiesn's Schönheitskönigin tent, will take over Donisl and Bräurosl.

We actually discussed the option that Peter Reichert, host of the Oide Wiesn's Schönheitskönigin tent, could move to the Bräurosl in an earlier German-speaking article, but didn't quite believe that this could actually come true. We simply couldn't imagine Reichert, who was exclusively connected to the Hofbräu brewery and who has a big heart for traditional bavarian beer hall music, in the former tent of the Pschorr brewery, that, until now, had extraordinarily little Bavarian music to offer.

Donisl is supposed to become a Munich institution again

The surprising takeover became only possible due to the fact that Hacker-Pschorr, respectively its owner Paulaner, had problems finding a new host for the Donisl restaurant at Marienplatz. Its former host Karl-Heinz Reindl, who unsuccessfully applied for Oktoberfest tents multiple times, hasn't been able to turn Munich's oldest restaurant into a profitable business for several years and finally decided to end the misery this year.

Therefore, Paulaner was forced to make Donisl's takeover more desirable by combining it with its vacant Oktoberfest tent.

Paulaner's CEO Andreas Steinfatt doesn't even hide the fact that his main objective was finding a new landlord for Donisl. Peter Reichert convinced him "with his Munich-based and music-oriented concept." In fact, his goal is to lear the locals back into the restaurant, which gained a reputation as a tourist trap in Munich.

Reichert wants to achieve this goal not only with regular traditional music but also by putting more Munich on the menu, including simpler and more affordable dishes.

What will happen to Schönheitskönigin?

Of course, the Schönheitskönigin tent now also needs new hosts. As of now, we haven't heard any names circling. According to Reichert, Jürgen Kirner, who currently organized the tent's popular music program, is expected to continue doing that.

If this turns out to be true, we see good chances that the tent will keep its remarkably electric atmosphere.

Jürgen Kirner (4th from the left) is expected to stay at the Schönheitskönigin but also play a small role at Bräurosl
Jürgen Kirner (4th from the left) is expected to stay at the Schönheitskönigin but also play a small role at Bräurosl's gay Sunday.

What will happen to the Bräurosl

...is admittedly rather unknown to us yet, but we fear it may not be that spectacular. While its new landlord announced to add more Munich dished to the menu, including traditional skirt steak dishes, the more interesting question is, what will happen to the tent's music.

As already mentioned, Reichert is himself a musician who puts an emphasis on Bavarian beer hall music in his restaurants. We would love to hear more of that at the Oktoberfest, but we doubt that Bräurosl will all of a sudden turn into a flagship of Bavarian beer hall culture.

It even seems that the topic of music may already create some tention behind the scenes. The tent's future band will be chosen by the brewery, which is not known to match the enthusiasm for Bavarian music of Peter Reichert, who is known to even get on stage himself and play his trumpet.

Reichert said, "concerning music, we'll have to see. I already told Andi [Steinfatt] to think twice about who they take, as it could well be that you'll hear Rehragout [Heid gibts a Rehragout] after Highway to hell."

Being optimistic, we're still hoping that Bräurosl could move a little away from Mallorca towards Bavaria with its new host.

Will 2021 get an Oktoberfest?

Asked if the Munich Oktoberfest will return in 2021 after a hiatus of only one ear, Andreas Steinfatt assured that Paulaner's optimists are taking all actions to make it possible and continue planning as usual. Nonetheless, no one is able to predict if and in what way it will actually happen.

Now it's your turn: We'd like to know what your expectations are for the new Bräurosl!