On Saturday, September 19, a strict ban on alcohol is in force at the Theresienwiese.

Depending on your point of view, 2020 is the year in which nothing or everything is possible. As it’s not possible to open the 187th Munich Oktoberfest on September 19 2020, the city of Munich is now making preventive use of the possibility to introduce an alcohol ban for the Theresienwiese.

The responsible officers consider the danger to be too great that an unmanageable number of people will gather at the Theresienwiese on the day, this year’s Oktoberfest was supposed to start, to overcome their frustration and not be very respectful about infection protection. The city of Straubing has already taken similar measures in August for its fairground.

To be precise, the ban on alcohol will apply from September 19, 9 a.m. to September 20, 6 a.m. on the entire area enclosed by the Bavariaring, Hans-Fischer-Straße and Theresienhöhe, including the Ruhmeshalle (Hall of Fame) and the steps below the Statue of Bavaria as well as the enclosing footpaths and cycle paths.

The unauthorized consumption of alcohol is punished with at least 150€, the sale of alcohol with at least 500€. The same applies throughout the weekend at Gärtnerplatz, the Isarauen and Baldeplatz, Gerner Brücke and Wedekindplatz.