Affordable hotels can even be available during Oktoberfest. However, you have to look for them.

It is a truism that hotel prices in Munich multiply at Oktoberfest time. However, this is not always the case. That's why we've picked out a few affordable hotels for you. As dates, we've taken the second Sunday to Thursday, September 29 to October 3, and thus four nights for two people. We also have a map with all 58 hotels within walking distance for all those who'd like to avoid public transport.

Travel Time under an Hour

Dormero Hotel München-Kirchheim

Price: €400 - even only €320 with Booking's Genuis discount.

12 minutes walk to Heimstetten S-Bahn station. Total journey time 54 minutes.

FreshSuites & Bar

Price: €516, with Genuis discount €464

5 minutes bus ride to Dachau train station. Total journey time 52 minutes.

B&B Hotel Rosenheim

Price: €366

Although Rosenheim is relatively far from Munich, it has excellent connections to the Ostbahnhof. Thanks to the hotel's location right next to Rosenheim train station, the journey takes just one hour.

Hotels in Munich

Some hotels in the Munich city area also stand out in terms of price. With a journey of less than 40 minutes, without having to rely on buses, we have found the following offers:

Hotel Imperial

Price: €596

Right at the Knie stop, from where tram 19 goes to Hermann-Lingg-Straße. From there you can quickly reach the Oktoberfest on foot. Total journey time 39 minutes.

Hotel Ludwig

Price: €684

Located right next to the Moosach S-Bahn stop. From there, take the S1 to either Hackerbrücke or the main station. Total journey time 35 minutes.

Plaza Premium München

Price: €703 (40% discount, limited time offer)

Nine minutes' walk (or a short bus ride) from the Studentenstadt subway station. Total journey time 40 minutes. The room regularly costs €1172.