April brings lots of new reservation opportunities for the 185<sup>th</sup> Munich Oktoberfest.

To enable our readers to be among the first to send reservations requests, we want to let you know already today that the Ochsenbraterei will accept reservations requests via email to info@ochsenbraterei.de starting tomorrow. Don't forgot to include your desired date and time, the number of persons, your name and address.

Maybe even more interesting is the fact that you are also able to reserve at the tents of the Oide Wiesn - even on weekends and evenings. The Herzkasperlzelt announced to start accepting reservation requests tomorrow but we suppose it doesn’t hurt to tell you about the reservation form’s address one day early (German only).

The Festzelt Tradition also announced the beginning of the reservation process for tomorrow but has already opened the reservation form (German only).

Also last year’s new Schönheitskönigin is already accepting requests (German only).

As the long weekend is the perfect opportunity to plan your Oktoberfest trip, don’t forget our planning guide.