After 84 years, the family running the Bräurosl decided to end an era.

That an Oktoberfest-host-dynasty would give up an Oktoberfest tent and leave the Mount Olympus of gastronomes was something unthinkable. The year 2020, being a specialist for unthinkable things, however even makes this possible.

The Heide family won’t make a bid to continue running the Bräurosl tent. This past weekend, the employees of their restaurant, Heide Volm, were informed about this decision.

The Bräurosl tent, the former brewery tent of the Pschorr brewery, has been run by the Heides since 1936. After four generations, this era comes to an end.

A major factor for this development apparently is the large required investment for the completely redesigned tent that was supposed to premiere in 2020 combined with the uncertainty the current pandemic brings for the next year.

Now, the tent’s owner, the Paulaner group, has to look for a new host. Given the financial problems the Heide family, faces in this time of the pandemic, this task may not be as easy as it normally would. Only financially very potent hosts will be able to shoulder the required investment in the new tent and potential cancellation of next year’s Oktoberfest.

Update 09/12: According to the Abendzeitung, the tent will be taken over by Florian Lechner (Nockherberg) and the Oberndorfers (Münchner Knödelei).