The high-speed vertical carousel is one of the most popular Oktoberfest rides.

The XXL-Racer brings the first propeller type ride to the Oktoberfest. In contradiction to the very popular Oktoberfest ride Cyber Space, the XXL-Racer has gondolas at both ends and therefore doesn’t swing, but constantly spin like a carousel.

The XXL-Racer, which will premiere this summer, is a space-themed, updated incarnation of Booster Maxx, a ride fabricated by the Italian company Fabbri. Booster Maxx, which is seen in the video, has 16 seats in two gondolas. The highest position of the vertically freely spinning gondolas is at least 50 meters. Due to the constantly high speed, riders experience high accelerations over a longer span of time than in a swing. This may cause a very intense ride experience.